<aside> ❓ How do you know when to hire? How do you write an engaging and inclusive job description? How do you convert career page visitors to applicants?


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⌚ When to hire

<aside> 💡 Startups can feel like swimming under water so deciding whether to hire can feel like an obvious answer (HECK YES!) Employee retention and optimizing budget requires thoughtfulness around what this person will do, not only NOW but next year.


Talk to your team members

Create a budget

<aside> 💡 OptionImpact is the most commonly referenced data set for startup compensation. As a startup, you can get it for free, in exchange for your company's anonymized comp data.


📝 Job descriptions

  1. Start with market research to check out how competitors are advertising their roles, then make yours better! 😎
  2. Job descriptions should include
    1. Info about the company: 2-5 sentences about who you are and where you're heading.
    2. Info about the role: 3-5 sentences that highlight the role's impact.
    3. What you'll do: 5 bullet points that highlight primary responsibilities.
    4. What you'll bring: 5 bullet points that outline basic requirements for success in the role.

<aside> 💡 Quick tip - Consistent formatting is key for polish. E.g., "What you'll do" bullets all start with a verb while "What you'll bring bullets" all start with a noun or adjective. Periods at the end of every bullet (or none). Consistent capitalization.