<aside> ⛵ Arguably the most daunting topic: how many interviews, how long should they be, what do we talk about, who interviews for what? Good news, if you establish best practices up-front, the whole process will go smoother and faster.


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📜 Rules of engagement

<aside> 💡 Whether it's in-person or video chat, remember these simple rules:


  1. Introduce yourself including your role in the company. (We hate to say that interviewers often forget this!)
  2. Consider adding a 15 minute buffer between Zoom interviews to allow for breaks, technical difficulties and overtime. Alternately:
  3. Let candidates know who's up next, as a friendly reminder.
  4. If you're the last interviewer, inform the candidate that they're done, and thank them for their time!

🏗️ Interview structure

A typical interview process includes multiple stages. Click toggles to learn more.

<aside> 💡 Ideally, the first touch point starts the closing process, meaning you should continually sell the candidate. More on selling here.